Every Pret sandwich is made by hand throughout the day. There’s no big sandwich-making machine and no big sandwich factory, so each one is freshly prepared (made today, gone today).

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Smoked Salmon

Delicious food needn't be complicated. Take this sandwich for example. Smoked salmon, lemon juice, black pepper and a little butter on our granary bread. Simple.

Chicken Avocado

We fill this sandwich with Chicken, a whole avocado (sliced, of course) and basil leaves. Finished with mixed salad leaves and our yoghurt dressing, it's one of our all-time favourite recipes.

Classic Super Club

We haven’t called this sandwich ‘super’ for nothing – it’s amazingly high in protein, so it’ll keep you full all afternoon (which means less grazing).

Cracking Egg Salad

A simple sandwich with an Italian twist. Chunky egg mayo with slices of tomato, Pret seasoning and a scrunched up handful of fresh wild rocket. Pure creaminess with a peppery kick!

Ham & Cheese

A simple combination of ham and sliced mature Cheddar served on our soft granary bread with a dab of unsalted butter.

Tuna & Cucumber

Pole & line caught skipjack tuna mayo with spring onions, chopped capers and a squeeze of lemon juice. Paired with sliced cucumbers on our buttered granary bread.

Super Greens & Reds

Slices of avocado covered with our tapenade made of roasted red peppers and cherry tomatoes. Finished with crunchy fresh red pepper, Kalamata olives and a generous handful of baby leaf spinach.

Best Ever BLT

A classic favourite with our best ever recipe. Juicy tomatoes, beech-smoked bacon and salad mix with a dollop of free-range mayo served on Pret's malted Bread.

Allergen Guide

Knowing exactly what is in our food (and what's not) is incredibly important to us. For more information on the ingredients in our products take a look at our handy allergen guide.

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